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About Us

Do you want to ship a container, locally or wordwide? We make use of a network of all big international transport companies with different types of containers to keep the shipments of our customers safe until delivery. You can ship your all types of goods. E.g. our partners ship chemical, agricultural, pharmaceutical, hazardous and non-hazardous materials, reefers and all types of liquid shipments. We have facilities to keep the shipments to transport proces safely. We help our customers in packing and storage of your shipments in safe and suitable containers. Special bags, barrels, boxes, cylinders, vessels, trunks, ISO containers and more are some of the equipments that our international network uses.

We are making your shipping project a smooth experience!
Years and years of experience in international shipping has allowed us to build a worldwide network and to constantly improve our logistics. As a result, we are able to offer our customers efficient, convenient and friendly international ocean freight shipping. To over 300 ports in destinations including USA, Africa, Middle East, Europe, South & Central America, Oceania and Asia. We know that your time is valuable, and we are happy to provide you with the expertise and tools to make shipping as convenient as possible for you. Better yet, we are affordable. Because we are well-known and appreciated business partners of trucking companies, loading warehouses and ocean carriers around the world, we are able to negotiate better rates and can offer you a better shipping package.

Who we are

We provide detailed information about through our online services. Our network of international shipping organizations and transport companies consistent of all populair shippers. We can book container shipping service at almost al ports/terminal wordwide. Our dedicated team have lots of experience. We have a couple of freight forwarders and transport/logistic managers that can advise your organization about shipping options and rates/prices. We also have a serviceteam available for individual shipments (e.g. a 1 time container transport).

What we do helps customers to transport household, commercial or industrial goods. We provide special containers for specific shipments. For material handling, storage and shipping purposes we provide special industrial containers. Our partners also makes use of intermodal containers for the safety of the transport. We offer special containers to keep your shipments from shock, rain, dust and other disorders. Security seals are kept for some of the shipments that need separate protection. Our partners help our clients to keep the shipments safely at higher means off protection. We help in safe packing and ensure its safety by labeling, sealing and other safety measures. We can also arrange customs clearance. We also advise in the field of import, export, financing, insurance and handling.

With Expertise, Efficiency and a Great Attitude
Think it’s too difficult to send your cargo via international overseas shipping? Think again. We transport everything from commercial goods, to oversized items to entire households. Don’t want to leave your boat behind for your relocation to Europe, or need to ship a truck-crane to Hong Kong? Not a problem. Get our Free Shipping Quote and enjoy the convenience of your special shipment.


We currently have no vacancies available. You can, however, send an email to We regularly offer internships in the field of logistics, transport, marketing and sales.

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