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Sea Freight

In spite of the popularity of air freight, ocean freight still remains as one of the best modes of transporting goods to different places around the world, since the Industrial Revolution. Let us find out why.

3 benefits of Ocean Freight

Transport by sea has several important advantages. Below we list the most important 3 advantages of sea freight:

Costs less

Ocean freight services will not burn a whole in your pocket as much as air freight will. It is a less expensive alternative that will ship all kinds of products for you, thus, making it the more popular choice. Most business organizations opt for ocean freight because of the reduced cost. This allows them to move their materials at a lower rate, and ultimately, produce goods at a lower cost. They also stand to reduce their expenses and increase their profits from the reduction in transportation costs.

Heavy goods

Another reason why businesses go for ocean freight services when transporting their goods is due to its ability to transfer goods of all shapes and sizes, particularly those of large sizes. Air freight’s rigid restrictions on the size and weight of the cargo do not exist in ocean freight. As such, heavy cargo including automobiles, machineries, and other heavy components are usually shipped through ocean freight. Even if you transport your heavy cargo through air freight, the cost of transporting them will skyrocket, and most likely be outside of your assigned budget.

Improved safety

Progress in ocean freight services has also allowed for improved practices in the industry. One outcome of this is an added safety feature of international shipping. Shipping companies often work together with delivery services to ensure that goods are being delivered directly to their ultimate destinations. Improvements in the inter-modal freight transport have also reduced cargo handling, which has enhanced the security of the goods being transported.