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LCL Shipping

The terms LCL shipping (Less than Container Load), is used when a client requires the export of a partial load, or just a few pallets as opposed to a full container.We have a a dedicated team in charge of creating and establishing an effective consolidation system for all LCL shipments. Many times, there are clients who do not have large volumes of freight or simply don’t find it beneficial to commit to the costs of shipping full containers. There are also times when clients have too much cargo where not all cargo fits in a container.

As Non-Vessel Operating Coming Carriers (NVOCC), we can offer you in these situations the benefits that normally only clients shipping full containers would have. We offer these services to exporters, direct consumers, suppliers, manufacturers, and freight forwarders.

What is LCL shipping?

  • Door to port coverage from Rotterdam, Antwerpen, Hamburg to the rest of the world
  • Frequent sailings with multiple options and transit times for most destinations
  • Scheduled sailing compliance
  • Ground and ocean combination shipments to meet desired final port destination
  • Competitive pricing

Rates for your LCL shipments are generally given from the location of the different CFS (Container Freight Stations) that we work with but we also offer local pick-ups of your cargo (especially in Europe)..

How does Less than Container Load shipping work?

  • Contact us with pallet dimensions, weight, and cargo specifications to receive a formal quote.
  • If pick up is required, please send us pick up address to include in the formal quote
  • Upon receiving quote, send us confirmation that you accept the charges and that you are ready to book
  • Upon receiving your booking confirmation, you will also receive labels that must be placed on the outside of your orders. These labels are important to maintain control of the shipments throughout the shipping process from Point A to Point B
  • Keep an eye on automated emails our system will sent you reflecting status updates of your orders.

Please note that all orders should be prepared on pallets that have been “heat treated”. Shippers are responsible for making sure that all pallets have a certification seal or stamp. As per company policies, all bookings and quotes must be done in writing. Quotes will be based on information received by the client and is subject to change should actual cargo vary from what was originally declared. All cargo must be booked prior to pick up or deliveries in order to avoid delays in shipments.

LTL Shipments (Less than Truckload)

LTL or Less Than Load is when the shipment is not large enough to fill a standard-sized trailer. A major portion of the world’s shipping is LTL shipments. The reason for this is because it is impractical for an entire trailer to be dedicated for a short load when by combining loads has proven to be both efficient and profitable. Dedicated lanes are common in metropolitan areas where small businesses constantly ship LTL loads directly to markets. Dedicated lanes are covered by the same carrier on a regular basis, which may be daily, biweekly, or weekly, usually at the same time. Dedicated routes are often developed with the assistance of a logistics services provider to maximize the use of time and fuel. Drivers who either prefer or need to stay close to home, dedicated lanes are an excellent option. Many drivers of dedicated routs become familiar with the route, are able to assist the customers with special requests, and may have partial return load.