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FCL Shipping

FCL (Full Container Load) shipping means that a full container is exclusively available to the customer. So no other freight is added to the shipment. We have a dedicated team in charge of creating and establishing an effective straight shipment system for all FCL shipments. In some situations, the customer has sufficient volume to fill a full container. Sometimes it also happens that LCL is more expensive than FCL for a small load. We offer the possibility for FCL shipments from Rotterdam, Hamburg and Antwerp to almost all major ports in the world.

FCL transport

If you have a cargo transportation that is overseas, you will certainly need an FCL shipping container. They are very efficient, resist rain, heat and moisture. Their design is made in order to make sure that the transported items do not get damaged or destroyed. You can also find some containers that have other features for a more comfortable and easy transfer. Using such type of transportation mean has many advantages. The most important advantage of overseas shipping container is that it ensures a safe and protected transportation for your commodity. They are mainly made out of steal so that they resist the weather or water. Their length also differs from 20 ft to 40 ft. it does not matter the amount of goods you have and you will be able to deliver your goods safely b using these containers. You can easily customize the choice of the container according to the size you want by asking the company.

Ship goods in a full container (20 of 40 ft)

When you use FCL containers, you know that you are managing the space effectively. The quality of the containers allows you to keep your items in a very safe place and in an organized way. They also allow you to gain more loading time. The design of the containers is made specifically to preserve the goods efficiently. They ensure that your goods reach their destination in a secure way. If the good you want to transport are perishable, you can always ask for a fridge to control the temperature. This would allow you to set the temperature according to your needs. These types of overseas shipping containers are more expensive because of this feature. They are mainly made of aluminum or fiberglass. You can get all the information you need using internet. The shipping companies have websites that you can check to choose the container you want. Only few clicks are away from you having your overseas shipping container. The containers are carried in many different ways like airplane or ship. They are also useful for land shipping thanks to trucks and railroad. They are available in different sizes depending on the quantity of goods you want to carry. So, when you choose a container, pick the one that best meet your needs.

Different kind of FCL containers
The most common overseas shipping containers are made mainly of steel in order to ship retail products. The ones used for overseas shipping are between 8 ft and 45 ft and the common size is between 20 ft and 40 ft. concerning the width and the height it is usually 8 ft. for the dimensions inside the container, it depends on how much tick the walls and the roof are. You check that too before you buy or rent a container. The containers used for land shipping are generally smaller in size but not always made of metal. There are containers made of plastic drum that are also used for overseas shipping of liquid items. They may be also packed inside a shipping box for air and ship freight. For the railroad shipping, big metal containers are used of a size of 40 ft.