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International Movings

When international relocation is involved it brings along itself lots of changes. It implies changing, adjusting and adapting to a completely new set up, new place and new people. International moving services plays a major role here whether a person is relocating due to professional or personal reasons. International moving services is the ideal option when it involves companies relocating to a different location and thus shifting not only the office and the company but also relocating the employees and their families In this process a company has its human resource division monitoring the whole process with the International Moving Services. Hiring an experienced international moving service assures quick, efficient and cost effective transition of your company. A right decision helps in drastically reducing the time and maximizing productivity.

It is very important to have insurance coverage on your goods as they are prone to damage while relocating. Thus, packing, shipping and insurance play a vital role in the safety of your belongings. Evidently, it is imperative that you choose an international moving service that has good credibility and reputation in the market. You should carefully evaluate moving cost estimates and the range of services offered to make a judicious decision about the moving company you want to choose. The fees charged by an International moving service provider is very competitive due to the intense competition in this field and will be justified once you compare it with the incredible benefits you get from this service. In case an employee requires hiring International moving services for official purposes such as a job transfer will be duly compensated for the service hired by the human resource.

Any reputable International moving service provider who provides such relocation services will be well acquainted with the rules and regulations applicable regarding the goods and assets that are to be relocated to another country. Such a vendor is responsible for taking care of all the paperwork involved in the process of following customs rules and regulations of a particular country on behalf of his client thus freeing the client of this responsibility.

While choosing a provider you can always have opinion of previous clients to have an idea about their past performances. There are many companies which are available online providing tips on moving, prices and all the major details you are looking for. Many of the companies have contacts with the airlines and companies on shipping. This way you can also monitor the whole process online to decrease the time of transit and expenses.

Moving Day Tips

If you have chosen to pack yourself please make sure that this is completed before the arrival of the moving team.

If the transport company is packing for you, please make sure that items not to be packed such as keys, passports, travel documents etc are kept in a safe place and that you advise the packers that those items are not to be packed.

  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator/ freezer at least 24 hours before moving day
  • Empty fuel tanks of powered tools such as mowers
  • Disconnect TVs, surround sound systems, stereos and HiFi systems. It is a good idea to mark the cables for easy reconnection and pack them along with hand controls.
  • Clean garden tools, outdoor furniture and any outside equipment
  • Dismantle swing sets and trampolines.
  • Flat pack type furniture should be dismantled prior to removal as it is rarely strong enough to withstand the rigors of transportation
  • Clean barbeque, empty grease trap, pack any loose items, disconnect gas bottle. (Only gas bottles that have been purged and have a degassed certificate attached can be transported.)

The Removal Day

  • Young children feel the stress of moving households, which in turn adds to your stress. They become easily upset with all the household possessions they have come to know being taken away. It is a good idea if possible to have them stay with relatives or friends during the removal and it becomes one less worry for you.
  • Pets are particularly sensitive to moving house. Cats are easily frightened by all the activity and can run away. Dogs like to be involved and could become a trip hazard for the removalists. If possible, have them looked after by a friend or relative. If not, please make sure they are kept secure.
  • When the removals crew arrive, the team leader will introduce the team to you and ask for you to show them everything that is to be removed. Now is a good time to point out anything you are particularly concerned about and anything that is not to be removed.
  • The crew will complete an inventory and condition report of all the items to be relocated. They will ask you to sign to say that you agree with the condition of your furniture as listed on the inventory. Please check this carefully before the crew start loading. Once completed they will give you a copy for your records. Please keep this safe as you will require this at the delivery.
  • Once the crew has completed loading please check all rooms, cupboards sheds and little hideaways for any items forgotten. It is your responsibility for ensuring nothing is left behind.

Prior to delivery day

You will probably arrive at your new destination before your shipment. Take this time to ensure all that your new utilities have been connected. Contact us prior to delivering your household effects to make final arrangements for the delivery day.
Make a floor plan and decide where your main items of furniture and appliances are to be placed It is a good idea to let your neighbors’ know you are moving in (this is a good time to meet your neighbours’) Labeling rooms assists the removal crew place items in the correct place,

Delivery day

Delivery day has finally arrived; when the removal crew arrives the team leader will introduce himself and the crew. They will ask you to show them around and tell them where the main items of furniture are to go. The team leader will ask you to check the inventory as your household effects are being unloaded. The removal’s team will unwrap all the furniture items and place them in your residence. As part of the delivery service, we can assemble beds and unpack boxes to bench tops and table tops. If you wish to unpack yourself we will come back and collect the empty cartons.

When the crew has completed the move, the team leader will ask you to sign the inventory to confirm all your household effects have been delivered. If there are any discrepancies, now is the time to sort it out before the crew departs. Now all that is left for you to do is enjoy your new home.