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Shipping of Paintings

A painting frame is the only thing that separates the work of art from the rest of the world. Framing an art is equally important as painting it. Framing is expensive and time consuming. It plays a vital role in protecting your painting. Hence, you should be extra careful when moving or shipping these framed paintings. If you want the painting to reach the intended recipient in its original condition, then you might have to spend a little extra on some packing items.

Follow these simple steps to pack your framed painting and be worry free.

  • First you’ll need a box that fits your painting. To begin measure the dimensions of your piece, length, width and height. Add 6 inches to each figure to get the ideal size of your shipping box. Different courier service like FedEx offers boxes specifically designed for shipping paintings.
  • If your painting has a glass frame, apply a masking tape in a criss-cross pattern over the glass. This will protect your painting and keep the glass intact, even if it breaks or cracks. Do not apply the tape if you see a UV coding on the glass. Another option is to remove the glass and ship the glass and art separately. If you decide to go with the latter option, take shatter resistant Perspex sheet and replace the glass.
  • To cushion your artwork against damage, take a piece of corrugated board and trace the outer edge of your painting. Now cut the traced portion of the board and place it on top of the frame. Use folded sheets of half inch think bubble wrap to tightly fill the gap between the glass and the board. Then tape the board to the back side of the frame.
  • Wrap the painting in three inches of bubble wrap, around three inches. You can wrap it vertically or horizontally, whichever keeps the painting more secure. To cover the unwrapped ends, fold and layer your bubble wraps until the material is three inches thick, and then secure the material with the tape.
  • Insert your wrapped painting carefully into the box. Place the piece at the centre and fill the leftover gaps with the bubble pack, wadded paper or loose-fill peanuts.
  • Gently move the box back and forth, if your painting is still moving, fill the box with more bubble packs.
  • Now seal all the edges of the box with a packing tape. Write “fragile” on all sides with a black marker. Then insert your shipping label into an air bill pouch and apply the pouch to the largest flat size of your package. Once you label your package it is ready for shipping.