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Piano shipping

Are you shipping your piano overseas? Then, you must be thinking really hard on how to pack and ship the most precious possession of your living room. Packing and shipping a piano is really a daunting task. Due to its large size and unique structure, many of us will not be able to pack it properly. This might result in damaged piano once it reaches your destination.

Here are few tips to make your piano packing and shipping job easier.

  • It is better to look for professional packers and movers to pack and ship your piano as doing it on your own would be nightmarish.
  • Keyboard is the most sensitive and delicate part of the piano. Make sure lid is locked properly to avoid any damages.
  • Dismantle the removable parts of piano such as legs, lyre and lid prop, if possible. Wrap them separately in shrink wrap and quilts.
  • Keep the pins and nails in zip lock bag so that you can reattach it.
  • Start wrapping from the top and go around the piano in multiple layers until it reaches the bottom. Use blankets and pads over the wrapped area to protect it from getting dents and scratches. Make sure the padding is thick enough to keep it safe from any bumps. Pay special attention to its corners. Cover the body of the piano using saran wrap. Make sure to keep a little vent in your saran wrapping as it prevents moisture getting trapped inside.
  • After this, it should be kept in a crate for shipping.
  • If possible avoid stairs to bring the piano out of your home. It is advisable to use freight elevators or piano boards.
  • Fasten the ropes around the piano while keeping it inside the vehicle for shipping.

We hope the above tips prove useful for shipping your piano safely. All the best!

Extra explanation video for packing a piano

Do you want to send a piano? In the video below you can see how you can professionally pack and ship your piano.