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20 foot Shipping Container

When deciding to ship your cargo, you need to use a container that will be a great option to protect your goods and make the process of shipping safe and effective. Relying on the type of the cargo, its dimensions, different containers are used. Very often 20ft shipping container can be the right choice for your cargo.

What is a 20 ft container (TEU)?

TEU is the 20 ft equivalent unit (TEU) that is the building block for expressing shipping capacity. The length in a TEU could vary to 24 or 35 feet and still be expressed as 1 TEU. But only the width at 8 feet remains consistent between the various sizes. As for the height, it may vary from a 4 foot 3 inch half height 20 ft container, to the 9 foot 6 inch “high cube” container. But the most common is the 8 ½ foot height. However, the height and exact volume don’t matter to the measurement as it still equals one TEU. 40 or 45 feet container would both equal 2 TEU in this “imperial” measuring system. Furthermore, 2 TEU equals 1 FEU or 40 foot container. But in this case the exact height and mass of the container doesn’t matter too.

What Fits in a Twenty-foot equivalent unit?

20ft container may consist such maximum gross mass as 24,000 kg, a 40 foot container – 30,480kg. The maximum payload for the 20ft container is 21,600 kg and 26,500kg is for the 40ft one. The 20 foot shipping container is considered to be the standard length used by many shipping companies. But there are also many other containers that are popular too but they are used to transport more cargo as they are bigger.

The 20 foot container is the primary size container for unit equipment shipments. People also choose larger containers, but they may be used in contingency or mobilization operations. However, the container is already a standardized part of the world’s commercialized shipping and transportation system.