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High-Cube Containers

High-Cube containers are ideal for storing taller items in closed storage or simply for getting more secure storage for a given floorspace. These are containers similar in structure to standard containers, but taller. In contrast to standard containers, which have a maximum height of 2591 mm (8’6″), high-cube containers are 2896 mm, or 9’6″, tall.

Lashing rings, capable of bearing loads of at most 1000 kg, are mounted on the front top end rail and bottom cross member and the corner posts. There is a recess in the floor at the front end which many 40′ containers have. It serves to center the containers on so-called gooseneck chassis. Thanks to these recesses, the containers lie lower and therefore are of taller construction.

Applications and use
High-cube containers are used for all types general cargo (dry cargo). Nevertheless, they are particularly suitable for transporting light, voluminous cargoes and overheight cargoes up to a maximum of 2.70 m tall.