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40 foot Shipping Container

If you are going to use shipping container it is always better to know more about it. You need to find out about the shipping container’s ‘rating’, the ‘tare mass’ or ‘tare weight’ which tells the weight of the shipping container when empty in normal operating conditions. Payload is another thing to consider as this refers to total weight that a shipping container can carry.

What is a 40 ft container?

There are two standard types of containers: 20ft and 40ft. They are often used for shipping cargo. 40′ standard steel containers are closed weather-tight containers that can be used to transport any general cargo. Most of them have a payload capacity of 28,760 kg with a gross weight of 32,500 kg. Almost all 40′ containers have a recess at the bottom called the gooseneck tunnel. External dimensions allow for stowing into it two 20’containers leaving 3-foot space in between. It is important to handle loaded 40′ containers by corner castings.

When prepared for transporting, you need to know that every container possesses labels, both inside and outside, indicating the identification codes of the shipping containers. These codes play an important role when the origin and the makers of the shipping container have to be traced.

The 40 foot shipping containers are usually made of high tensile steel, and they are extremely strong and very secured. You can buy or hire them either for short term renting or long term rental. The following are approximately dimensions of standard 40ft shipping containers.