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Cargo Security

Container shipping is an important part of global supply chain, which drives the economy. It makes the flow of goods around the world possible. But the ability to secure goods gets more difficult with more complex supply chain. And one of the main challenges that the supply chain industry is facing is cargo theft. Shipping containers have always been the target for criminals. Federal Bureau of Investigation estimates that every year cargo theft amounts to 15$ – $30 billion, excluding all the indirect costs. To effectively combat a rising cargo theft, we encourage shipping companies, port authorities and operators to develop a comprehensive security plan. Here are a few preventive measures you can take to protect your shipments against cargo theft.

Top 5 Cargo Theft Prevention Measures

#1 Screening and training of employees
Conduct a thorough background check on all employees, especially the ones who have access to the logistical details and shipment information. Arrange for special security training for all employees. Training should cover hijack awareness and prevention, what to do in a real hijack situation, necessary steps that should be taken if they see any suspicious activities, etc.

#2 Be alert
You should keep a close watch on your operation. Be aware of all the surveillance that is being conducted at your facility. If you see or encounter any suspicious activities, immediately report it to your security personnel, management or law enforcement officials. Remember, criminals have a sharp mind and they can move goods quickly, so you’ve got to be faster than them. Only share cargo information with those who are involved.

#3 Select your partners wisely
When selecting your transportation and supply chain partners make sure they abide by your security philosophy. You are entrusting these companies with your goods and your company reputation, so choose your partners wisely. Verify the identity of each one involved in moving the goods and monitor the movement of goods.

#4 Take advantage of technology
Install alarm-surveillance systems, make use of CCTV cameras, cargo and vehicle tracking system, vehicle immobilizers, anti theft heavy locking devices, advances security seals, include counter surveillance to watch over your securities ,etc. All these technologies must be used with an immediate response plan and viable escalation manner.

#5 Carry out all the basic safety practices
Keep you cargos, truck locked and parked in a well lit and secure areas. Make sure all the safety devices are functioning properly. Don’t leave the load unattended; evaluate the surroundings for potential dangers. Conduct a regular shipment audit and look for gaps. Anticipate the criminal’s moves in advance and find preventive measures, rather that reacting. You need an intimate knowledge on incident trends to prevent cargo theft. You must diligently adapt to anti theft programs and gather intelligence.

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