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The importance of China Sea freight

What was the last thing that you bought at the store? Did you know that there is a 9/10 chance that it was shipped from out of country? And there is a 1/10 chance that the item you bought came from china. Our world relies on shipping goods across the world. This has always been the case even as far back as the ancient Romans who shipped in salt from across the Mediterranean to pay their soldiers. For our world to run smoothly there needs to be effective and timely shipping for the goods that drive our services.

China cargo

Much of the items that come from China are shipped via cargo ship, also known as China Sea freight.  Everything from the cloths you are wearing to the headphones that are in your ears when you listen to music on your iPhone or other smartphone. Practically every piece of electronic of household good is manufactured in China and shipped all over the world. This makes since because they are the manufacturing hub of the world. But what would happen if one day all China Sea Freight just stopped. Nothing was shipped to or from china, even if it was for only 24 hours?  This would cause mass chaos and would disrupt every business that buys and sells goods all over the world. This would also not fully be realized the first day, though some industries would be hit first, though would mostly be limited to the manufacturing industries in China.

Oversea transport from China

Think of the time it takes China Sea freight to reach us. The day that shipment was to arrive is when the wave of chaos would start. The first industries hit would be warehouses and industries that rely on just in time shipping. Then the ripple effect would start to take hold and each industry would be hit, from big retail stores to the small mom and pop shops. This is why having reliable freight services are so important especially when you are talking about China Sea freight. Now if you understand that our world runs on shipping and receiving goods from elsewhere in the world, you will also understand that each company that you have ever dealt with also deals with either companies that ship and receive goods from China or do so themselves.

This should lend itself as to the magnitude of freight ships that come in and out of Chinas ports daily. If that is still not enough of a visual picture for you then consider this, there are over 3 million import and export businesses that operate just out of China alone. Even if there is only one ship for every two import– / exporters that will still be a whooping 1.5 million freight ships being used every year. There are literally billions of pieces of freight that are shipped by China Sea freight every year. With millions of people depending on these businesses for income and their businesses being the life force of every other business it’s hard to miss the impact they have on our lives.

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