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Air Freight vs Ocean Freight

Air freight and ocean freight are the only two choices you get, when it comes to shipping your goods. Air freight means transporting goods by plane and ocean freight means transporting goods by ship. These two choices vary in many ways; firstly it depends on your requirement and budget. Many of us face the dilemma when making a choice between air freight and ocean freight. However, considering some pros and cons of each freight choice can help you make a prudent decision.

Ocean Freight – Pros

  • Cost: Ocean freight is one of the most economical means of transporting goods from one place to another. Different cargos in the same ship share the cost of that ship reaching its destination. Hence, if time of delivery is not so much of issue, ocean freight is the most cost effective way to ship large sized goods.
  • Capacity: Ships are designed to carry a massive amount of cargo. No matter how large and heavy your goods are, ships can carry any kind of goods like heavy machinery, cars, food and furniture. They can carry all kinds of goods in large quantity.

Ocean Freight – Cons

  • Speed: Ships are extremely slow as compare to airplanes. Ocean freight may take months to deliver the goods.
  • Reliability: It is difficult to rely on ocean freight because ships run on weekly schedules, and the risk of your shipment getting delayed is high.

Air Freight – Pros

  • Speed: There’s no doubt about air freight being the quickest way to ship your goods. That’s why air freight is the ultimate choice if you are pressed for time.
  • Safety: Another good reason to opt for air freight is that your goods will have the least chances of getting damaged, as compare to ocean freight. The risk of plane crash is very minimal. When you compare airfreight with ocean freight in terms of handling, storing and delivering goods, airfreight will certainly win the battle because airport regulations are very strict about it.

Air Freight – Cons

  • Cost: The fastest, safest and most reliable mode of shipping always comes with a price. The shipping rate for air freight is $1 /kg or more. It is the most expensive mode of shipping.
  • Capacity: Capacity is another reason why air freight is not preferred for shipping huge amount of goods. Since the airplane’s cargo space is quite smaller than that of the ship, it cannot carry goods in huge quantity.

Your situation defines your choice between these two shipping modes. If your situation demands, you can choose speed over cost. However, if time is not so much of a concern, then you can easily choose ocean freight to save some money.

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